Disease Detection

Rametrix® Technology, Inc. has the ability to detect, stage and monitor Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD); distinguish between Diabetic and Non-diabetic Kidney Disease; detect, stage and monitor Bladder Cancer and detect, stage and monitor Long COVID.

There are an estimated 37 million people in the US with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and/or Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD).

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Combined with other metrics, Rametrix® Urinalysis can identify CKD Stage with >85% Accuracy and Sensitivity.

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Rametrix® has developed the AutoScanner V2.0™ that analyzes up to 50 urine specimens at a time.

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Bladder cancer is not commonly detected in early stages yet is it most treatable when diagnosed in early stages.

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Current diagnosis is via imaging and invasive cystoscopy, which is expensive.

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Nearly 25% of COVID patients in US experience Long COVID symptoms.

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Our Testimonials

I have had an evolving interest in Rametrix® Technology, Inc. since teaming up with Drs. Robertson and Senger several years ago, in my role as a renal clinician, to study the use of Raman spectral analyses of waste dialysate in end stage kidney disease patients in order to determine the optimal dose of hemodialysis. Since that initial study, I have continued to witness, as both co-investigator and ‘spectator,’ the power of the Rametrix® Technology, Inc. process in identifying characteristic and often unique molecular patterns in the urine of patients with various renal diseases, I have come to believe that this technology has a great deal of potential for both the diagnosis and management of patients with an array of urinary tract disorders.
Allan H Sklar
Board Member
The application of technology to the improvement of the human condition is a remarkable and worthwhile endeavor and Rametrix® Technology, Inc. is poised to leave its mark on the healthcare industry.
Mike Abbott
Board Member
I consider the Rametrix® Technology, Inc. technology a unique opportunity to provide rapid and accurate results to solve a series of significant technical and medical problems. I am very pleased to assist with marketing issues for a company with extraordinary potential.
Jeffrey Hoffman
Marketing Consultant
In my career, I have worked with hundreds of medical device and drug companies. Rametrix® Technology, Inc. is a member of an incredibly rare breed with a technology that already is shown to be clinically effective at such an early stage of the company. The excellent research by Dr. Robertson and Dr. Senger. based on the exceptionally good quality data from the VA system. that includes hundreds of samples with biopsy-confirmed diagnoses, full demographic information, and detailed health history is almost unheard of for a company this size. As a former public health official, I can’t stress enough the importance of introducing this technology to medical practice so it can help US patients.
Mehmet Kosoglu
Regulatory Advisor

Since 2016, I am involved in the Raman spectroscopic evaluation of the urine in the early diagnosis and screening of bladder cancer (In collaboration with Dr. John Robertson of the Virginia Tech). This is fascinating area of the study for me, because of my long-standing interest in the management of the bladder cancer, and that brought me to the collaboration with Rametrix® Technology, Inc. The ability of this methodology to evaluate the urine and able to establish urine profile for the patients with bladder cancer, other urological problems and healthy individuals, which was demonstrated in our preliminary studies, was very encouraging. The assessment by the Raman spectroscopy of the whole urine profile is very interesting, since this methodology is not relied on only a single, or several molecules in the urine to establish the diagnosis, but evaluates all components of the urine. Our hope is that Rametrix® Technology, Inc. technology, which is easy to administer and interpret, can be used in the early detection, as well as monitoring of the bladder cancer, which should improve treatment efficacy and survival of the patients with bladder cancer.

Another possible use of Rametrix® Technology, Inc. technology, which is also very interesting to me, is the possibility to identify special molecules associated with bladder cancer (since the contents of the whole urine could be evaluated and profiled!), and use them as potential targets in the cell-based immunotherapies of the bladder cancer. Considering my experience in general immunology, as well as cell-based immunotherapies of urological malignancies, our collaboration could become even more productive.

George Guruli
Board Member

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