Rametrix® ProofMed-CS™ (Controlled Substance) Scanner V1.0

Detection of controlled substance diversion at critical points-of-care

DialySensors Inc., a medical engineering/diagnostics corporation, has developed/extensively validated Rametrix® Technology, Inc., a powerful technology for analyzing the composition of liquids (Controlled Substances (CS) like opioids) and fluids (urine). 

The management of CS in hospitals is demanding and highly regulated, with the goal of preventing CS criminal diversion and misuse. We will apply Rametrix® Technology, Inc. technology to management of CS by building/deploying a Point Of Care (POC) device (ProofMed-CS V1.0) for analysis of CS composition and detection of criminal adulteration/diversion.

Virtually every hospital and clinic that dispenses and uses CS would be a potential market for the technology.  We have constructed a reference database of CS and are in currently (February, 2023) in Alpha (engineering) Test of the ProofMed-CS™ Scanner V1.0 system. based on our proven molecular urinalysis system. We identified a regional healthcare partner for testing and operational integration of the technology (within 10 months).