We are very proud of our world-class team of engineers, translational scientists, physicians, and business development advisors. Collectively, we share the vision of improving healthcare and quality of life, through the application of our patented Rametrix® Technologies, Inc. technology.

Team Members


John Robertson

President and CEO

Dr. Robertson is a co-founder (2014) of DialySensors Inc., now Rametrix® Technologies, Inc.


Ryan Senger

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Senger is a co-founder (2014) of DialySensors Inc., now Rametrix® Technologies, Inc.


Richard Daugherty

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Daugherty is President of DAUGERS LLC, a market research consulting firm focused on assisting high-technology venture companies move from concept to commercialization.


Amr Sayed Issa

Chief Engineer

Throughout his 15-year career, Amr has been on a journey of professional growth and exploration.


Pang Du

Statistical Consultant

Dr. Du is a Statistical Consultant for DialySensors Inc., now Rametrix® Technologies, Inc.


William T. Lee

Pharmacy Innovations Consultant

Dr. Lee has served in various capacities in the healthcare industry in the pharmaceutical and healthcare field for decades.


Jeffrey Hoffman

Marketing Consultant

Mr. Hoffman experience was achieved in the laboratory supply, investment banking and consulting industries.


Mehmet Kosoglu

Regulatory Advisor

Dr. Mehmet Kosoglu, Ph.D., is a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewer with more than a decade of experience in medical device and pharmaceutical science, policy, regulations, development, and design.

Medical/Business Advisory Board


Mike Abbott

Business/Medical Advisory Board Member and Consultant

Mr. Abbott is a technology entrepreneur himself, having spent twenty-five years in product development across a wide spectrum of industries.


Jonathan Simmons

Business/Medical Advisory Board Member and Consultant

Mr. Simmons is a seasoned financial executive with extensive experience in building and growing companies.


Jeff Mitchell

Medical/Business Advisory Board Member

Mr. Mitchell focuses his practice on corporate transactions working with emerging and established businesses to provide strategic, growth-oriented legal advice.


Allan H Sklar

Business/Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Sklar has practiced clinical nephrology and cared for patients with kidney disease for more than 40 years.


Giuseppe Orlando

Business/Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Orlando is a scientist specializing the bioengineering, regeneration and repair of the kidney and endocrine pancreas


Georgi Guruli

Medical/Business Advisory Board Member

Dr. Guruli is internationally recognized for both his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of genitourinary tract diseases


Richard J. Barrett

Business/Medical Advisory Board Member

Dr. Barrett has had the rare experience of contributing to the entire drug research and development journey, conducting original laboratory research into new molecules