Dr. Mehmet Kosoglu, Ph.D., is a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewer with more than a decade of experience in medical device and pharmaceutical science, policy, regulations, development, and design. He also is an award-winning researcher who holds multiple patents. He has led many groups of scientists, clinicians, and other professionals in regulatory and scientific institutions. He is a serial entrepreneur that successfully introduced multiple medical devices to the U.S. market. For multiple startups, he led preparation of FDA submissions and handled interactions with FDA. He successfully secured FDA clearances for medical devices. He holds Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, Lehigh University, and Istanbul Technical University, respectively.

In his role with Rametrix Technologies Inc., he will assist with and advise on a variety of activities, including:

  • Preparation of FDA submissions
  • Leading FDA interactions
  • Designing Regulatory and Data Development Plans
  • Identifying Use Cases for the technology for the most market adoption and positive public health impact.