Throughout his 15-year career, Amr has been on a journey of professional growth and exploration. He has had the opportunity to experience different cultures and work in various capacities across many countries in the Middle East as well as the US.


Through his experiences and different roles, he has been able to learn much and gain knowledge and understanding of different perspectives that he brought into his work, allowing him to create unique solutions for any challenge.                                                    

With professional training and experience in both pharmaceutics and biomedical engineering, he has developed a versatile set of skills. His duties in these fields have ranged from developing, researching, designing and testing medical analytical devices and systems to ensuring that they meet the highest standards.


Amr Sayed Issa earned his BS (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry) from Faculty of Pharmacy in Aleppo University, MS (Biomedical Engineering) Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Aleppo University. He is a Registered Pharmacist in Virginia and our Chief Engineer.