Richard Daugherty is President of DAUGERS LLC, a market research consulting firm focused on assisting high-technology venture companies move from concept to commercialization.  He is currently serving as COO of DialySensors, Inc.  Earlier in the 2000’s, he was Director of Strategic Services at VT KnowledgeWorks at Virginia Tech.


Dr. Daugherty has helped over 75 emerging and evolving technology-based businesses assess, quantify and exploit their business opportunities, especially development of their business strategy and preparation of documents needed for investor discussions.  Typical projects involve gathering the data needed for a company to make an intelligent decision about a market opportunity, its competition and the potential financial reward associated with a market opportunity.


Dr. Daugherty has a PhD degree in Engineering; and has over 30 years’ experience in leading new businesses and corporate ventures, new product developments and technology management activities.  He led corporate ventures at Alcan, Atlantic Richfield and Exxon Enterprises; was the Director of Alcan Aluminum’s downstream R&D laboratory and Innovation Program; and established a competitive intelligence unit at Alcan that provided technology and business assessments for business strategy formulation, competitive pricing structure development and technology program assessment.  He has also taught courses in corporate strategy, project management and small business consulting at Virginia Tech as well as Mechanical and Structural Engineering courses at the University of Delaware.