Mr. Simmons is the  President and CEO of Impact Solutions, LLC.  He serves as a fractional (part-time & freelance) CFO and business advisor and is focused on producing and implementing development, financial, and growth strategies.   Through Impact Solutions LLC, he is a consultant for clients across different industries and types of projects, focused on providing a solution for a company’s executive financial needs.  

Mr. Simmons is a seasoned financial executive with extensive experience in building and growing companies. He brings an entrepreneurial mindset and background as well as experience working in more mature organizations. He has a diverse background in finance, accounting, contracts, and real estate projects, among other business areas.  Mr. Simmons has over 26 years of business and entrepreneurial experience. Prior to joining Pegasus Tower as the in-house CFO, he advised middle-market and early-stage companies, both at his own firm and with a consulting organization.    

In his role with Rametrix Technologies Inc., he will assist with and advise on a variety of management and financial activities, including:

  • capital formation (debt, equity, other)
  • financial and M&A transactions
  • financial modeling
  • corporate finance
  • corporate development
  • business and partnership structures
  • contract development & negotiation
  • and accounting oversight and reporting

He has significant experience working on both smaller sized transactions and also multi-party and multi-million-dollar transactions with a variety of parties (private and institutional) and transaction structures.  

Mr. Simmons earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Virginia Tech and received an MBA degree from the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.